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1. Should I fast before my paramedical exam?

Some insurance companies do require 8 hour fast. You should be instructed at the the time your appointment is made to fast or not. It is recommended in most cases to obtain accurate results.

2. How long will it take for my paramedical exam?

In most cases 15-20 minutes. Sometimes ekg's are required which would take an additional 10-15 minutes.

3. What is a paramedical exam?

A paramedical exam is typically required for persons applying for life insurance in increments of $50,000 or more. Your examiner will be asking several questions about your medical history, obtain vitals, collect blood and urine samples. In some cases, ekgs are required also. This information is forwarded to an underwriter only to determine insurability. Results will be available to applicants only. They are not available to your examiner or your agent due to privacy laws. Results should be made available to applicants via online reporting or my mail directly from insurance carrier.

As a contractor for Exam One, we are proud to offer online reporting for most insurance companies. Exclusive to Exam One clients. Other paramedical providers currently do not offer this service.

4. What do I need to bring on the day of my paramedical exam and/or drug screen?

A photo ID is required in both cases. Pertinent Dr. information and his/her address is also necessary for paramedical exams, including current medications.

5. I have to have a pre employment drug screen, Does someone go into the bathroom with me?

Generally No, but in rare cases it may be required in the event on a failed attempt or a DOT drug screen as instructed by the employer. It must however be a same sex collector who does the observed collection. In most cases, you will be asked to empty pockets into a locked storage box while you collect your sample in private. Nothing will be allowed into the restroom while your sample is being collected (no handbags, book bags, etc.). No extremely loose fitting clothing is allowed. You may also be asked to show the waist of your pants in this instance.

6. I use prescription medicine, will that affect my drug screen?

Most common medications do not interfere. You should make a note of all medications as a reminder of medications you were using at the time of your screening. Various medications will show as a positive result (for that type of medication) as a controlled substance in the drug screen. You should have a current valid prescription on file to have that type of medication in your system.

7. How much blood is taken when my blood is drawn?

In the event of a paramedical exam, a very small amount of blood is collected into two tubes.


 8. How long before I know if I am approved for life or disabilty insurance after my paramedical exam?

The underwriting process generally takes 2-3 weeks to allow time for medical records to be sent to the underwriter. Your online results should be available in a week to 10 days.

9. How do i get my online results?

You will be given a brochure upon completion of your paramedical exam. It includes the website Your pin number to register will be barcoded on the front of your brochure. You must retain this pin to obtain your results. this is the number that matches your sample at the lab

10. Can I take my medication before my exam or drug screen?

Yes. You can always continue your medication as usual in both cases. You can have water and black coffee before a paramedical exam. you are encouraged to drink water for drug screening and paramedical exams. You will need to provide a urine sample that must meet volume/temperature requirements. Hydrating with lots of water also helps with blood drawing process.

11. What happens if I have a shy bladder and cannot provide a sample for a drug screen?

You will be allowed to drink 8 oz. of water every 15 minutes to try and void the required amount over a 3 hour period. After that time has passed and you still cannot provide an adaquete sample, that will constitute as failed attempt and will be reported as such to your employer.

12. I am on my menstrual cycle. will that affect my test?

Not in the case of a drug screen. In the event of a paramedical exam, please this mention to your examiner. In most cases, (unless instructed otherwise by the insurer) it is not an issue unless specimen is grossly contaminated.












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